At Christophoros Lysis Photo Studio, since 1997 we have lived and breathed photography.  


This is not just our job but our passion! We believe in creating unique experiences for each and every client, and we have a multi talented staff on hand to do just this.  Trust us to capture your memories, you'll be glad you did!

Weddings, Social & Business Events, Portraiture,  modelling photo shoots either on location or in our fully equipped studio are all treated as unique events and opportunities to create something wonderful.


Conveniently located in picturesque Sotira, the studio is close to all of the major wedding venues in eastern Cyprus and boasts modern digital photo enhancement systems to ensure that whatever you  require, special effects or digital enhancement, it will always look its best, and so will you.


Christoforos Lysis Photo Studio is the venue that guarantees a perfect result for any venue at any time.


Trust us to make it special.

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